Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Best Fitness Foods For Women

 Foods that can help women become fit


Naturally has anti-bacterial properties, which can help fight against coughs and sore throats.

Virgin Coconut Oil 

It is best fitness foods for women, because it supports immune system and thyroid function, lowers bad cholesterol, increases metabolism and enhances weight control, improves digestion and can dissolve kidney stones and helps prevent tooth decay and can cut epileptic seizures.


It has high beta-carotene content that makes them great for improving eyesight and skin, as well as reducing the chances of breast cancer.

Olive Oil

It has oleic acid, an important component in keeping the very genes responsible for nearly thirty percent of all breast cancer cases.


It is high on iron and are known for being anti-inflammatory.


This delicious vegetable is considered a best fitness food for women because it’s known for helping reduce hot flashes.


It helps in stabilizing blood sugar levels and can also reduce high blood pressure.


Another stabilizer of blood sugar, which is good especially for those with type two diabetes, and also touted for helping women lose weight.


Another herb that’s beneficial, and is often used to help treat arthritis.


Potatoes with a dash of salt will also aid in maintaining a proper fluid balance internally.


It aids in elimination of impurities from the liver, as well as promoting necessary digestive bacteria.

Raw Cocoa Nibs

Are loaded with anti-oxidants and will help out your heart, they’ll also lift up your mood and help create a sense of well-being.

Gogi Berries

It possesses more beta-carotene than carrots, and more Vitamin C than one orange.

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