Monday, December 2, 2013

General Facts About Deer Antler Velvet

General Facts About Deer Antler Velvet

Deer antler velvet supplements bring about a lot of benefits to anyone, regardless of their purpose in consuming them. These supplements have no existing side effects, although you certainly need to have yourself checked by a physician before you do just to check if you have allergies or existing conditions that could render the consumption of these unsafe. There are a lot of things that you should know about this material, considering their many benefits to the human body.


  • Deer antler velvet is mostly exported from New Zealand and South Korea, considering the fact that they specifically have farms for it. In NZ, they over have 1.1 million deer in farms alone, a testament to how big this industry is. 
  • It has been used as a traditional medicine (especially by the Chinese and Koreans) for thousands of years, attesting its effectiveness and many health benefits.
  • Don't fret, the harvesting process is safe for the deer, given that it is done in the presence of a veterinarian. First, the deer is given a safe dose of tranquilizer in order for it to not feel any pain during the harvesting.
  • Basically, the velvet is a cartilaginous tissue that covers the bony structure of the antlers. It has both blood vessels and nerves which can grow for more than two centimeters a day. The harvesting is done 45-60 days before or during the antlers begin to calcify and is done by a registered practitioner who has passed tests and standards set by the Deer Industry of New Zealand.


  • As mentioned previously, deer antler velvet is popular in the Eastern countries, particularly China and Korea. About 80% of New Zealand's antler velvet exports are sent to the latter.
  • Although multivitamins and protein shakes are more popular in the Western countries particularly the United States, it has gained significant ground especially to athletes and body builders. 
  • Deer antler velvet has many forms; these include sprays, ground up in pills with other substances and even consumed directly in thin slices.


  • Though it's not really considered a drug or a cure for any sort of sickness (supplements are not meant to treat any illness) it has a number of health benefits that are able to help out in relieving certain conditions.
  • Antler velvet contains substantial amounts of glucosamine, a compound that is being processed in the body that promotes joint health and growth. With that said, this is essential in relieving the symptoms and discomfort brought about by arthritis and joint pain.
  • This ailment contains vast amounts of calcium as well, making it able to contribute to bone growth and development.
  • Deer antler velvet contains Iron, protein and other substances that not only contribute to growth, but also in the healing of muscle and bone injuries. Statistics show that people that take in deer antler velvet supplements recover quickly from injuries.
  • Due to the multitude of nutrients that it possesses, in the case of children, it helps in making stunted growth a non-factor, making them fully develop.


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