Wednesday, October 15, 2014

An Apple A Day Keeps Your Immunity Okay

Apple is not just an ordinary soluble fiber, but an antioxidant. What makes it great is having compounds that fights diseases, helps prevent and repair oxidation damage during cell activity. Apple has a fiber called Pectin the gives a list of health benefits. Here are some: 

1) Whiter Teeth
2) Prevent Azheimer's Diseases
3) Protection from Parkinson's Disease
4) Reduce the risk of Cancer
5) Reduce the risk of Diabetes
6) Lowers down Cholesterol
7) Healthier Heart
8) Gallstone Prevention
9) Slows your bowls down
10) Ward off Hemorrhoids
11) Weigh Control
12) Liver Detox
13) Immune Booster
14) Cataracts Prevention

Girl Eating An Apple
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Studies show that those people who watch their health and eats diet rich fruits that contain antioxidants like apple live a healthier and longer life expectancy.


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