Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Benefits You can Get From Using Antler Sprays

Deer antler velvet

The supplement headlining the media and sports world since last year, certain kinds of deer antler spray have gained popularity in recent years due to its widely-acclaimed benefits. However, a lot of pundits claim that these products are nothing more than quackery because they claim that it cannot dish out noticeable effects on the human body. These claims are unfounded thanks to its nutrients while the results of using it and its impact is dramatic – people report results in less than a month. So, how are these sprays able to do this? Before we tackle their benefits, let's clear up a number of uncertainties first.

“Pure” IGF Injections and Sprays

Most companies advertise their “pure” Insulin Growth Factor deer antler sprays to uninformed consumers. This is nothing but a scam – the only pure kinds of IGF are the only ones that are produced in the liver. You can't really provide a pure version of this hormone - it has to be mixed with other components for it to be consumed.

IGF injections are not recommended because they pose a number of side effects and may contain harmful chemicals. These include allergic reactions caused by the needle, jaw pain, swelling and really bad headaches – things you would not want while doing workouts right? Add the fact that using needles outside of a clean health institution will always have the risk of diseases caused by unsanitary conditions, you are better off taking sprays instead. Lastly, you might have an IGF overdose – this will cause a big potbelly instead of a six pack. Not what you bargained for right?

What exactly is IGF?

As mentioned in the previous articles, antler velvet contains Insulin Growth Factor-1, a hormone naturally produced in the body. It also contains IGF-2, which is also produced alongside IGF-1. Let's take a look on how they are able to benefit the body.

IGF-1. Basically, this hormone assists in muscle and tissue growth and recovery, organ health and the regeneration of nerve tissue by enhancing the body's metabolic capabilities. It also helps out in promoting joint health and growth by helping the joint cartilage absorb glucosamine and chondroitin.

IGF-2. A lesser known IGF, this hormone supports the function and development of bodily organs like the brain, liver and kidneys. 

Attesting to its effectiveness

You will certainly get all the benefits of antler velvet even if you take it in via spray form. No, you won't get PURE IGF, you will get antler velvet – exactly like how nature made it. Insulin growth factor with chemicals may not be absorbed by the body simply because of its artificial components. For over 2000 years, antler velvet has been used in folk medicine in Eastern Asian countries to either cure certain diseases and boost bodily functions, attesting to its overall effectiveness. 

Deer antler sprays are created by performing alcohol extraction on the powdered antler velvet. This in turn allows you to consume and absorb its nutrients easily. It is both effective and safe to take in, making it a must have for not only athletes, but to everyone. 


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